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Onrush Xbox One

Deep Silver

Onrush Xbox One

$ 58.00
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  • Day 1 Edition includes the 'Vortex' Buggy
  • Takedowns - Speed off cliff edges and traverse huge ramps flying hundreds of feet through the sky; Land with immense force crushing any opposing team’s vehicles unfortunate enough to be below
  • Verticality - Explore and use the environments to barrel roll hundreds of feet through the air, vault off cliff edges, boost off ramps and even dive round the side of a 400ft dam
  • Rush - To gain an unworldly edge, build your bar and unleash the invulnerable, euphoric blast of speed and power RUSH; unique to each vehicle, this is like nothing seen in any racing game before
  • Team Play - Be part of the team and attack as a pack working together to earn Points, XP, Medals, Boost and ultimately ‘RUSH’ to obliterate the opposing team

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